The clerks and executive committee of PFF and PFYM have carefully considered our options for the March 2020 Retreat and Annual Sessions. In light of the ever evolving COVID-19 situation, we are clear, that it is in the best interest of Friends that the March meeting should be postponed.

In making our decision to postpone, we were conscious of how fast the situation may change, and of our responsibility to the vulnerable friends in our community. Even if we decided to go ahead and meet in March, we thought that attendance would be very low and that friends would not be in the right spirit to meet.

We are considering alternative dates and possible locations for the 2020 retreat and annual sessions, but can’t yet assess what will be possible. We will provide updates once we have a better sense of the virus situation and of alternative meeting dates and locations.

In peace,
Bill Moore, Clerk, Piedmont Friends Fellowship
Gary Hornsby, Clerk, Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting